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I started photographing birds in the Sydney region from Feb 2018. So far I have photographed 254 species around Australia.
As I gain more experience, and take better images, I will update this gallery showcasing my favourite bird images.
Click on an image for a close look.
You can also look at my A-Z gallery to see all the birds I have photographed.
Little Pied CormorantChestnut TealAmazon KingfisherBuffy Fish OwlRegent HoneyeaterAustralian Painted-snipeYellow-tailed Black CockatooScaly-breasted LorikeetSooty TernOspreyOriental Pied-HornbillTopknot PigeonPalm CockatooPeregrine FalconBlack-crested CoquetteFrill-necked MonarchBlue-winged KookaburraSuperb FairywrenPapuan PittaAustralian Painted-snipe