Here are 15 of my favourite images. Images that I consider 'Portfolio Worthy'

I will add and remove images over time as I gain more experience, and take better photos.

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DSC_7431Largest land carnivore.2019 we made a unique trip to far north of Alaska to see and photograph the local Polar Bear population. Each September the bears gather on the islands near Kaktovik to eat whale meat the locals have culled, and wait for the sea ice to form. It is incredible how close you can get to them, and this makes for some brilliant wildlife photo opportunities.

DSC_4021-EditDrying OffAustralasian Darters don't have terribly water resistant feathers, so to dry off they find a sunny location and spread their wings. This bird was located on a large expanse of green kelp, with the contrasting blue sky made for an impressive sight.

Manhattan from Brooklyn.Manhattan from Brooklyn.On a November 2018 trip to NYC, this was the one iconic photo i was hoping to get. After a few days of poor conditions, our last night in NYC proved to be the the best opportunity. Some nice cloud cover to give the sky some interest, little wind for smooth water, and a weeknight so the office buildings were all lit up. The temperature was -2degC, so taking multiple 2-3 min exposures tested the patience of my wife. Really happy with this image. DSC_7032The Sun Voyager at Sunrise.Usually when I do sunrise/sunset photos, I have 5-10 minutes of colour, then the sky returns to normal. Not so in Reykjavik. Due to the low arc of the sun, the sunrise was going on for about 1 hour, allowing plenty of time to get a great photo, especially handy when doing long exposures.
DSC_6891_38563Kilimanjaro PortersAt an altitude of nearly 4,900 meters, after 5 days of hiking in low oxygen, sick with headache and stomach complaints, this was one of my most rewarding photos. Porters were setting up for the nights camp, and noticing Mount Meru peaking next to the tent, i thought it would make a great picture.

DSC_0659The Sydney Opera House.I only live a 10 min drive from the Opera House, but are yet to get the ultimate photo. Knowing there was a cricket match on at the SCG, and seeing the low clouds, I made the short journey to Milsons Point, positioned the Opera house between myself and the SCG, then took the 30 second exposure. Timing was key to ensure no ferries came through the image, leaving light trails.
DSC_0912Tower Bridge Peak HourI took a few nice images of the Tower Bridge when visiting London in 2017, but I really wanted to get something different. Setting the camera right next to the roadside, while nearly getting taken out by a DoubleDecker, I took several 2-3 second exposures, at various angles. This was my pic for something 'different'.

DSC_8032Kirkjufellsfoss.There are 1000's of waterfalls in Iceland, and on a 2017 holiday I photographed maybe 20 of them. This was by far my favourite. The mountain (Kirkjufell) in the background is actually a lot larger than it looks. Using a tripod with a circular polariser, a 3 stop graduated ND filter and a remote shutter release for maximum image sharpness.

DSC_9469-EditRescue DogsIn 2016 I spent a lot of time photographing rescue animals at the local shelter. For an animal lover (especially dogs) this was a very rewarding experience. These 2 were my favourite to photograph. Didn't take long for them to get adopted after their photo appeared on the website.

DSC_8810_44913Going for a ride.In 2012 we did the ultimate African safari. The highlight being a gorilla trek in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park. You only get to spend 60 mins with these amazing creatures, the light is poor, and my camera equipment was not so good back then. I did capture this image of a young gorilla taking a ride on mums back. An experience we will never forget, and a photo that i love.

DSC_7994-EditThe Black Church.The Black Church of Budir is in western Iceland. There are several angles at which the church can be photographed. This was my preferred angle, mountains and moody clouds as a backdrop, I converted the image to black&white to give it a bit more character. My favourite image from Iceland

Pied StiltReflections of a Stilt2018 saw me try a new type of photography - birds. This lone Pied Stilt was feeding very close in some perfectly still water. Waiting until the bill just touched the water I pressed the shutter and was very excited to see what I had captured. There has been some minor work to remove an unsightly branch, and contrast/brightness adjustments. Made for a final image that I am very happy with.

DSC_0729The White-capped AlbatrossI haven't been so sick for a long time. My first pelagic trip was one to remember. Nov 2018, sunny day, but a stiff northerly and large swell. An 8 hour journey and I was vomiting 45 mins into it. Was worth it though just to see the magnificent White-capped Albatross circling around, showing its impressive wing-span.

DSC_7906-EditHvítserkurA stunning basalt stack on the coast of north-west Iceland. One of those locations that was a 2 hour drive off the main road. Was really windy so we did our best to stabilise the camera to get this 1 second exposure. Another image that i prefer in B&W....moody! DSC_6131The little house in the harbourOne of my first attempts at long exposure photography is one of my favourites. This little beach hut is at Watsons Bay, Sydney. Would have been nice to have some interesting clouds, the lovely purple sky nearly makes up for it.